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Blue, sky is. Hmmmmmm.

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She'll be Apples

I, wait for the twin
sunrise to be seen in the
morning, cannot. One,
blazing planet rising
above the earth's
surface, and the other,
your eyes the burning
light from. Yeesssssss.

Saturday 25/02/17

She'll be Apples

Many different varieties
of space vehicles I
encountered, there were.

She'll be Apples

Now returned from my
journey to the far off
dagobah system, I have.
Much to see and learn,
there was, and to tell
plenty. Hmmmmmm.

I am Ian

Ian, I am ian. Yes,

Friday 24/02/17


Zhheherhrh eg egemtr
hrggwe wes egemtrghdfbsgd



Bee Movie Script

To all known laws of
aviation according, no
way a bee can fly, there
is. Its wings are too
small to get, fat body
off the ground, is it.

Bestest Yoda

Go to the restroom, you
must. Hmmmmmm.

Ian Kronbeck

To use the restroom I
need. Herh herh herh.

Ian Kronbeck

Benjamin is a pilot not.

She'll be Apples

Going away today, I am,
but back on the 'morrow
will I be, when set in,
twilight has, and
sparkling bright, the
stars are. Yeesssssss.

Thursday 23/02/17


Patrick. Herh herh herh.

She'll be Apples

One day, I hope, the twin
planets, in your grasp
very soon, will be.

Wednesday 22/02/17


Something came in the
mail today..... Deez
nuts ha! Got eem! Yes,

Yoda advice

To breath often you need.

Yoda advice

Impossible, eating water
is. Herh herh herh.

Yoda advice

Just try, do not
Change, nothing will.
Answer back yoda will
not, just repeat, he
will. It is the same
thing as a conversation


The best movie ever made,
bee movie is.

cas meh ousside

Take all you on, can I.

cas meh ousside

Me outside how about that

Bestest Yoda

No way a bee can fly
there according to all
known laws of aviation
is. Herh herh herh.

Bestest Yoda

You, hello everyone how
are, hmm? Hmmmmmm.


I was got to tosche
station to pick up some
power converters going
to! Hmmmmmm.


Is anybody here today.
Yes, hmmm.


This works very well.


So accurate, is it.

She'll be Apples

An impressive corellian
star destroyer, that is,
on the same page, I can
see we are.

She'll be Apples

To the death star came at
me like an x-wing. Just
imagine if that chair
shaped asteroid was there
not. Have hit right
between those two twin
planets in the soft
sector near cloud city,
you would. Yeesssssss.

Tuesday 21/02/17


You, how are, hmm? Herh
herh herh.


Hi guys. Yeesssssss.


I love star wars.


How make you a light
saber. Yes, hmmm.


Hoi, temmie, am I.


Hello. Yes, hmmm.

She'll be Apples

Your ship, the millenium
falcon, heard that it has
outrun imperial
starships, have I. Not
the local bulk cruisers
mind you, talking about
the big corellian ships
now, am I. Yes, hmmm.

At the cheer gym

At the cheer gym I am.

Monday 20/02/17

She'll be Apples

Lovely, your hands are.
Human hands, with
ligaments and muscle,
bones and skin, blood and
sensation. Unlike poor
luke's cybernetic hand.
Yes, hmmm.

Sunday 19/02/17


Dantdm. Herh herh herh.

She'll be Apples

And with you also. Herh
herh herh.


Cheese, good is. Herh
herh herh.


No space for dreams, a
head full of fears has.

Saturday 18/02/17


His knees standing on,
Mini woody eats green
peas. Digimon, hmm?
Oh please!


Obi-wan, I love obi-wan.

She'll be Apples

Dance with the lightsabre
on do you, or off, hmm?


English. Yeesssssss.

Friday 17/02/17

I am a alien, one of the most

Alien, I am, of the most
well known sci fi
creatures one, many
others too, there are.


Yoda I am.

She'll be Apples

With your eyes the amount
of unbridled electricity
you generate, have enough
energy to power the death
star, you would. Yes,


Me well alone you dark
tongued one leave. Yes,

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