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Cheesy poofs I like. Yes, hmmm.

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Douglas Aldana

This tuesday doing good
on, I hope every is.
Happy tuesday. Herh herh

Golden Delicious

I hope, well, you are,
and you be wherever,
enjoying yourself.
Nighty night. :) . Yes,


Pteranadon I today am.
Extinct. Hmmmmmm.

Golden Delicious

My millenium falcon in,
on my daily jaunt to the
death star to pick up my
younglings, I was. My
sensors picked up a
correlian star destroyer
yonder in the distance.
... Yeesssssss.

Golden Delicious

... Detect it is serial
number clearly my sensors
could not. ... Herh
herh herh.

Golden Delicious

... Dark plate, only
that it was - quite rare
in this sector, which is.
It you was, piloting,
hmm? You returned hath,
hmm? Or my eyes deceive
me doth, and my mind
making up wild stories


I vam.

Monday 21/08/17


Gas the jews race war


Today, chrysalis, am I.
With stubbed toe. .
With bunion and a

Golden Delicious

Watching, listening,
reading: "Alan
walker - alone"
Herh herh herh.

Golden Delicious

Your corellian star
destroyer had docked at
another port even though
I thought, to see you of
course I still wished.
For you I wore red. ...

Golden Delicious

... But alas the
apologies on the emailed
minutes, me prepared
already had. Hoping, a
lovely day, you had, and
you pleasant dreams and
erotic thoughts
wishing... Yes, hmmm.

Golden Delicious

... If at all possible,
it is, and you want me,
get that damned portable
transporter device
working, and to where you
are beam me! :) .

Golden Delicious

Reading the lyrics:
"Baby, preying on
you tonight, am I, you
down eat you alive
hunt...". Hmmmmmm.


Muhonja. Yes, hmmm.


My toe I stubbed. Got a
bunion and a hangnail.

Sunday 20/08/17


Me outside cash, how bout
dat! Herh herh herh.

Golden Delicious

To enterprise uhura, the
chief and I, have beamed
down onto altair 4.
Robot called robby, his
superfast transport
vehicle has approached us
in, asked us to accompany
him on a ride, he has.

Golden Delicious

... He seems hostile
not. Going to see where
he takes us, we are -
better than here where
any is, or couped up on
the stuffy old
enterprise. ...

Golden Delicious

... If we report not
back, send out a search
party, do not. We, just
fine, will be. :) .

Golden Delicious

myself an oil job"

Golden Delicious

Greetings "Hello,
you, how are". You,
how are, hmm?


Lol hypocrite. Herh herh


This anymore izimonster
#skrub lol xd no one
uses. Yes, hmmm.


Up my dudes, what is.
Yes, hmmm.

Saturday 19/08/17



Hello how are you

You, hello how are.

Golden Delicious

Nighty night, delectable
one. :) . Yes, hmmm.

Friday 18/08/17

Golden Delicious

Listening to:
Klangkarussell - like
rain) netzwerk (falls.

Golden Delicious

Bang! There goes the
door, and of smoke and
glitter like a puff - you
are there! Woooo!
"Hello", I say
deep and soft. Wow, I
said something different,
off the cuff, I am,
learning. Herh herh


Han solo, dead man, you
are. . Bala-tik,
what's the problem, hmm,
hmm? Yes, hmmm.

Thursday 17/08/17

Golden Delicious

Wherever, docked, your
corellian star destroyer
has, it home be, or far
away - I hope, well, you
are. ... Yeesssssss.

Golden Delicious

... And away, if you
are, you pleasant days I
truly wish, fun and
excitement, as well as
relaxing contentment.
Slumber soundly, and of
sweet encounters dream,
delectable one, always.
:) .

Golden Delicious

Listening to:
"...Let me whisper
things in your ear, so
you remember that when
your not with me..."

green child

Pathetic and sad, my life


Where can, the source
code for this, get I.
Herh herh herh.

Wednesday 16/08/17


Beep bop. Yes, hmmm.

Golden Delicious

Studying the fine dark
hairs on your arms I was,
nothingness, in the
moments where there was.
... Hmmmmmm.

Golden Delicious

... Imagining... If you
all over they cover, or
apparent on certain parts
of your body are they.
Lead all the way down the
centre of your torso do
they, further down, hmm?
... Yeesssssss.

Golden Delicious

... If you on your chest
I touch, and of my hand
slowly down your torso
run the palm... Down
further, [biting my lip]
then, have my answer,
will I. No longer be a
mystery, t'will. :) .
Yes, hmmm.

Golden Delicious

Listening to:
Klangkarussell -
sonnentanz (video hd).


Like jazz ya, hmm?

Shivansh yadav

Mera aadhar card number.


Yessssss..... Girdle...
Or corset.....

Tuesday 15/08/17

Golden Delicious

Squeezing in between the
cabinet and the chair.
Damn! I wish, the chair,
I was. :) I hope, you
chuckle and smile inside,
make I. Yeesssssss.

Golden Delicious

My day fun and exciting,
you make. Enticing, the
symbolism of how you hold
your umbrella is - strong
and horizontal. And
quite a bit of length to
it, your brolly has,
mmmmm. :) ... Yes,

Golden Delicious

.. To instantly flick my
switch to on you know
how. Been horny ever
since, I have. To tally
up numbers trying, &
all, see in my head is
you on replay, can I - do
nothing, I can, but
groan. Me now imaple.
:) . Herh herh herh.

Golden Delicious

Nighty night, of pleasure
wishing you sweet dreams.
:) .


Of every new korysian
ruler I curse every
firstborn child. They
will see the age of six

Monday 14/08/17

Golden Delicious

Need fun. Lacking life
is. Herh herh herh.

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