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Yoda who? Our favourite little green friend from the Star Wars franchise, first seen in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, making a return in its sequel Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi. Learn how to talk like Yoda - just type or paste in a bunch of text and use the 'Convert to Yoda-Speak' button.

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Initial development based on this fine essay on the rules of 'Yodish': Yodish Analysis!



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The one who should know it, you are. Hmmmmmm.

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You are?


Monday 22/07/24


Poopo. Hmmmmmm.

Sunday 21/07/24


Cool, I am cool. Yeesssssss.

Saturday 20/07/24


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Yong, you are. Yeesssssss.


You are young. Yeesssssss.


With this 100% free training work from home..., I promise...You will never look back. $500+ per day, true - 100% free training, go here: Yes, hmmm.

Friday 19/07/24

Jedi You are

Nigga I sense.


My shoes step on, do not. Herh herh herh.


My shoes step on, do not. Herh herh herh. Hmmmmmm.

Wednesday 17/07/24


Nigga. Hmmmmmm.


Nigga. Yeesssssss.


Nigga. Yeesssssss.


You have become powerful, you I sense the dark side in. Of all the innocent clones that you killed connor do you plead guilty.. Yeesssssss.

Tuesday 16/07/24


Hello. Hmmmmmm.

Monday 15/07/24

Obi Wan Kenobi

Over anakin its, the high ground, have I.

James, But Some Call Me Bond

Nlggers, nlggers, I hate nlggers! Hmmmmmm. Hmmmmmm.

James, But Some Call Me Bond

Very nice day today, it was. Blue, the sky was, with my white ass-cheeks the beautiful bright sun illuminating on. Yes, hmmm.


Hello, With sad regret that after 12 years, it is, shutting down, is. Made all our databases available on our website, we have. 25 million companies. 527 million people. Yes, hmmm.

Ik Papershifter

To fold an origami yoda I tried, it was impossible and the force was with me not. Hmmmmmm.

Ik Papershifter

My best friend and we talk for hours in our jumbled rythms, yoda is. Yes, hmmm.

Ik Papershifter

Dreamer, I am, I climb on trees, with me always, I watch the stars and the force is.

Ik Papershifter

Unless you have a pure mind and an open heart I speak and you understand not. Yeesssssss.

Ik Papershifter

Still so far away, forces fight from all the cosmos but the stars are. Hmmmmmm.

Ik Papershifter

Dreams fly by my eyes but, no time to live and make them true, have I. Herh herh herh.

Saturday 13/07/24


With the force you are one. Hmmmmmm.

Wednesday 10/07/24




Hey, made a 2min video for your company so you can save more than 50%onpayroll by hiring the top 5% of overseas talent I have, canisendithere, hmm?


Done your homework have you, hmm?

Tuesday 09/07/24


Much my brother I love you very, and of the best wishes wish you all.

Saturday 06/07/24

Banana Fartman M.D.

Banana fartman m.d, I am. Yes, hmmm.

Friday 05/07/24


Never ever be afraid of the light, you should, son.

Tuesday 02/07/24


Pannss. Hmmmmmm.


You one shot zealots want to. Hmmmmmm. Hmmmmmm.


Impressed the layout, was just browsing the site and was. Nicely design and great user experience. To drop a message just had, have a great day! 8dfds87a. Yes, hmmm.

jedi master

With you may the force be. Herh herh herh.

Sunday 30/06/24


To do time. Yeesssssss.

Saturday 29/06/24


Кто это там шумит, hmm?

Friday 28/06/24


The best to ever live, am I. Hmmmmmm.


I’m nick. Yes, hmmm.

Wednesday 26/06/24


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Hello guys

Hello guys. Herh herh herh.


With this work from home...You will never look back. $500+ per day, 100% free training, go here: Yeesssssss.


Crackers, I see,yummy, they look,some, like to have, I would.

Tuesday 25/06/24


Hello. Yeesssssss.

Monday 24/06/24


Saturday 22/06/24


Happy birthday.

Friday 21/06/24

Dylan Archbold

Greta thunberg.


Kghkg. Herh herh herh.

Thursday 20/06/24


Khbm, bnskfbkfjbsa lbaqllfouhafouhas. Yeesssssss.


To get freaky time. Yes, hmmm.

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  • 2007-05-22: Submitted: "Worthless piece of bantha fodder, this yoda converter is. Yeesssssss." This made me chuckle. :)